May 23 2014

Dalyellup College Implementing Positive Behaviour Support Framework

Dalyellup College has been working with students, staff and parents to introduce a new Positive Behaviour Support Framework (PBS) similar to a number of other schools around Australia and overseas.  PBS focuses on the positive behaviours that we want our students and staff to demonstrate and to encourage students to maintain these positive behaviours, attitudes and expectations.  As part of that process the students and staff worked together to identify the key behavioural expectations that captured the culture that we wanted to achieve across the whole school.  For Dalyellup College this was captured with these three expectations.


Be Responsible

Be Respectful

Be Your Best


We believe that these three expectations capture the positive behaviours that would make our school a safe, friendly and productive learning environment that staff, students and parents would enjoy.  The majority of our students over 95% already demonstrate these behaviours all of the time and we want to acknowledge and reward that standard and hopefully increase it even higher.  PBS does not replace behaviour management in the school.  There are still school rules and consequences for inappropriate behaviour.  That hasn’t changed, however PBS allows us to focus more on the positive behaviours that the majority of our students demonstrate.


How we do that is by teaching these expectations in class and around the school.  Students and staff have developed a PBS matrix of expected behaviours under our three key expectations in various settings around the school.  These include common expectations that go across the whole school and other more specific behaviours that are found in areas such as the classroom, canteen or play areas.  These have been collated into the matrix that all students have a copy of in their diary and have been made into posters around the school.  A copy of this matrix has been placed in the newsletter.  Parents can use this or a similar matrix around the home.  The three key behavioural expectations fit perfectly in the home and family environment.


The process of introducing the PBS initiative has been managed by a committee of volunteer staff since the beginning of 2013 and includes a parent representative in Tanya Price.  Thank you to all committee members for their dedication to making this initiative work.  They include myself, Tanya Price, Collin Abbott (chairperson), Beth Deeley (secretary), Kerrie Brede, Tania Meintanis, Shahn Paganini, Dharam Apanah, Meryl Crawford, Kevin Biddle, Deb Jolliffe (coach), Natalie Aylmore, Lillian Tan and Rebecca Sanderson.