School Profile

Dalyellup College is a Level 6 school that opened for students from Kindergarten to Year 7 on 5th February 2001. Until April 2004, the primary school was housed in facilities on Norton Promenade that were converted to shops.

In May 2004, the school moved to new purpose built facilities on Hartog Road. In 2009, Dalyellup Primary became Dalyellup College operating with two campuses – initially Kindergarten to Year 4 on the Hartog Road site and Year 5 to 8 on the new facilities at Wake Drive. An extra year of secondary school was added annually (i.e. Year 11 in 2012) until 2013 when the school separated into two schools (ie. a primary school and a secondary school).

In 2012, the Hartog Road campus accommodated Kindergarten to Year 5 with Year 6 to Year 11 students being located on the Wake Drive campus. Dalyellup College commenced the 2012 school year with approximately 1500 students.

Our school staff are selected through the Department of Education (Government of Western Australia) merit selection process and through the Department’s Employer Initiated Placement Program for permanent teachers.

Dalyellup College has a strong focus on:

  • outcomes based education with a focus on intellectual quality and relevance,
  • the use of technology as a classroom tool,
  • collaboration involving planning, partnerships and teams,
  • involvement in community events and activities,
  • involvement in innovative environmental projects.

Dalyellup College has a number of specialist teachers who offer quality programs to enhance skills and challenge students in areas such as Physical Education, Performing Arts, Music, Art & Craft, Information Technology, Fashion & Textiles, Digital Photography, Food, Childcare, Outdoor Education, Recreation, Design & Technology, History, Applied Science, Media, Cricket, Woodwork and Chinese as a language other than English.

Staff at Dalyellup College are committed to ongoing professional development.

Community Background

The Dalyellup College population derives from the suburbs of Dalyellup, Gelorup and Stratham and also caters for Year 8, 9, 10 and 11 students from Capel.

Dalyellup is a new and growing community to the south of Bunbury, minutes from the beach and central Bunbury. The community has been designed to integrate education, environment and recreation with a strong focus on community activities and involvement.

Gelorup is located a few minutes south-east of Dalyellup, with properties being 1 to 5 acres and set amongst bushland. Stratham is located south of Dalyellup (approximately 18km from central Bunbury) adjacent to Minninup Beach, with properties being predominantly 5 acre lifestyle bush blocks. Capel is a town located approximately 20km south of Dalyellup.