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The school canteen is run by the Dalyellup College Parents & Citizens’ Association; all proceeds are returned back to your school to supplement amenities and resources which help to support your child’s learning and development at Dalyellup College.  As we are a school that promotes healthy eating, our canteen menu offers options that meet National healthy school guidelines for a balanced diet and the Department of Education, healthy food and drink policy.


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The school canteen is open daily Monday – Friday before school and during both breaks.

Before School 8am – 8.40am

1st Break 10.48am – 11.18am

2nd Break 1.26pm – 1.56pm

Ordering is encouraged to ensure you have full menu choices, as only a selection of items are available to purchase at breaks.  Pre-order at the canteen before school (bags available at canteen).

Orders can also be placed up until 9.30am using our online ordering system with

When you order your lunch you also get the benefit of the VIP lunch pick-up line.

Our school canteen also has EFTPOS facilities available.

Online Ordering

The canteen online ordering system is very popular with teachers, students and parents.  Signing up to our order online is easy and certainly makes ordering from the canteen easier.  Online ordering has so many benefits!  No more scratching around for small change and rushing to complete an order as you head out the door.


“It is so easy to set-up and use”  “so much better than just giving my kids cash”  “I love the ability to plan ahead”  “stops the money being spent on the way to school!”  “it’s so quick to place an order”.

To register and experience the easy online ordering system please visit

Volunteers Welcome

Message to Parents, Carers, Grandparents and the wider School Community: We are keen to welcome volunteers to the canteen.  Volunteer help greatly assists the canteen to operate successfully and is a great way to be part of the school too!  If you can spare some time, even as little as 30-45 minutes once or twice a week or month would be of great help.  Your time will really make a difference and be greatly appreciated.

If you can assist in the canteen…..

Please contact the school on 9795 2000 to speak with the Canteen Team.