Humanities and Social Sciences

Humanities and Social Sciences Learning Area provides opportunities for students to acquire the knowledge, skills and values to become active citizens in a rapidly changing world. We do this by offering a broad range of experiences for students across their five years of schooling.


Year 8 -10

In years 8-10 students complete a common course examining history, geography, economics, law and government, and careers. They cover a wide range of content focused on local, national and international issues.

This will involve developing a respect for:

  • our cultural heritage
  • social justice
  • the democratic process
  • ecological sustainability


Year 11 and 12

In senior school students have an opportunity to choose their subject(s):


2A Geography

2B Geography

3A Geography

3B Geography



2A Modern History

2B Modern History

3A Modern History

3B Modern History

How will this course help students in the future?

Through this course, students benefit from acquiring the literacy skills of the discipline of history such as critical thinking, research, analysis and effective written expression. These skills equip students for a world changed and linked by information and communication technology and prepare them for lifelong learning. Students are well prepared for careers involving policy making, administration and research. Learning the skills of critical inquiry is essential for people working in business, government, law, health, science, academia, industry, tourism, environment, media and the arts.



Career and Enterprise

Career education has moved towards learning to manage and take responsibility for personal career development before even leaving school. The Career and Enterprise course equips students with the tools to head confidently into an uncertain future. It begins with recognizing individual skills and talents, and moves on to using this understanding to find work and keep it. All aspects of work and workplaces are explored, from entry level to working globally. Changing technology, employment patterns and economic restructuring are realities of the rapidly changing world of work students will be entering. Learning to deal with constant change through adaptability, enterprise and lifelong learning are vital elements of the course, along with exploration of social, cultural and environmental issues.

1C Career and Enterprise

1D Career and Enterprise

How will this course help students in the future?

Career development learning for the modern world recognises that careers are about life, work and learning. It is a lifelong process, whereby individuals need to take an active role in career development. Wide exposure to experiences of work, career and enterprise learning is of increasing relevance to students in a constantly changing workplace.