Performing Arts/Drama

The Arts learning area encourages the development of culture and self through the creative development of ideas, skills and values that lead to an increased understanding and appreciation of art works. Drama forms an integral part of the culture, social and economic life of Australia. It is a significant means of defining Australian culture.

At Dalyellup College, selected drama experiences provide students with a general understanding of the historical origins of theatre and performance. Students are exposed to script interpretation, play building and key principles of stagecraft.

Students achieve the outcomes through key activities of playmaking, performance and critical reflection. Students are taught the elements of drama, skills and processes and the role of arts in society. They learn improvisation and spontaneity skills as well as an appreciation of the arts and arts history. Students develop group devised drama through the play building process. They perform their rehearsed performance pieces and conclude by reflecting on their own drama and the drama of others.

The teacher facilitates the drama process and provides students with key skills and processes for developing their arts works. Workshops are integrated with text and heritage so that students understand the historical and cultural contexts behind their drama. The teacher will demonstrate and model skills taught in drama. Students will have the opportunity to perform to live audiences their rehearsed work.

Students will also have opportunities to attend live theatre performances and incursions to provide insights into the role of the arts in society. They will learn to use and adapt technologies in drama and understand production team roles.

Year 11 and 12 Drama courses expand students’ calibre of skills and ideas through text and heritage studies and theatre history. They produce, plan and reflect on their art works through extended writing and gain experience in executing a role in the production team.


2014 Specialist Drama Events

Grease Excursion

Have you heard that Grease is the word? A troupe of nearly eighty students and four staff from Dalyellup College were very excited to discover that Grease is in fact the word on Wednesday the 25th of June.

We travelled all the way back to 1955 (and up to the Crown Theatre in Perth) to discover that Summer Nights are the most fun, Todd McKenney told us that nobody wants to be a Beauty School Dropout and a hotted-up car can travel as fast as Greased Lightnin’! We all crooned and danced along with Danny, Sandy, the T-Birds and the Pink Ladies through Rock’n’Roll Party Queen, It’s Raining on Prom Night and These Magic Changes.

We were thrilled to learn the Hand Jive with John Paul Young and discover that We Go Together like rama-lama-lama ki-dingy-di-dinky dong!

The show was a spectacular combination of smooth rock’n’roll music, nifty fifties fashion, corny comedy, brilliant lighting effects and stellar performances from all involved.

The students were exemplary representatives of Dalyellup College and were thrilled with not only the show but the merchandise stands at intermission.

The annual excursion was a success and all came away singing the show tunes and with a definite consensus that Danny is The One That [We] Want!

2015 Specialist Drama Events

Annie JR.

Directed by Taneeka Martin, Annie JR. will arrive at Dalyellup College Performing Arts Theatre in August 2015.

Annie JR.Annie JR.Annie JR.