Dalyellup Cluster Plan  2016  to 2018


The Dalyellup cluster has been in operation since 2013.  Initially this involved Dalyellup Primary School, Tuart Forest Primary School and Dalyellup College. Capel Primary School have joined the cluster during 2016. The four schools comprise of 2218 students from K-12. The schools have a commitment to developing students to be active and informed students who grow to become successful citizens.

The Dalyellup Cluster offer families and their children a seamless K-12 education. The three schools Dalyellup Primary, Tuart Forest and Dalyellup College are seeking to increase the sharing of data and teaching expertise across the schools to ensure continued improvement and service delivery.

Collaboration between cluster schools will centre around improvements in literacy and numeracy and promotion of options and pathways made available to all students of the three schools. We aim to foster the links between the partner schools. The cloister will look to provide opportunities for parents and students to be invited to participate in events across the schools to see what local Dalyellup schools offer.




“The cluster will collaborate to use data from a range of sources to identify strategies for improvement in literacy and numeracy outcomes for students”


What we will do:


  • Each school to identify up to three key specialist staff to liaise and review school data once each year or as needed.
  • Utilise the data analysis to identify specific focus areas
  • Individual schools identify strategies for improvement and feedback to the cluster on progress
  • The data analysis schools representatives meet to provide feedback and share progress of each school throughout the implementation of the cluster plan.




“Promotion of the cluster and cluster schools throughout the community”

  • Investigate opportunities to promote the cluster as providing a K to 12 education for all Dalyellup students.
  • Communicate to the community what cluster schools offer across K-12 with a focus on retaining students in the Dalyellup Cluster.
  • Investigate the use of external expertise to assist with developing a promotional plan or concept for the cluster including the creation of a cluster brochure