Dalyellup College to become an Independent Public School

At the beginning of Term 3 the Minister announced that another 48 schools were to be given Independent Public School status in 2013. Dalyellup College was successful with a cluster application and will join with the new Tuart Forrest PS and Dalyellup PS to form a Cluster of IPS schools in 2013. Each of the three schools will still be independent of each other but as a cluster will be able to share resources and collectively plan their future directions. This is very similar to how the college has worked as one school across two sites over the past three years.

Independent Public School status means that the schools will have greater flexibility and responsibility for school based decisions relating to the allocation of resources, student support and finances and more flexibility with the selection of staff and the implementation of curriculum to meet student and school needs.

As an IPS cluster of schools there would be greater scope to share expertise and, where possible, share or pool resources providing greater flexibility and opportunities for the students attending these schools. This could include:

  • Combining resources to employ shared expertise or increase time in the areas of school psychologist, speech and occupational therapist, school nurse, chaplain or other support services. This will also allow us to employ the same staff to work across all schools sites allowing continuity of knowledge and understanding of students and the community from K to 12.
  • Having greater flexibility with the selection of staff to meet school and cluster needs.
  • Employing common expertise with certain learning areas such as LOTE, music, art and performing arts with some staff working across one or more sites. This allows the cluster to potentially work together to attract quality staff to fulltime positions rather than trying to fill individual part time positions at each site.
  • Sharing expertise and common professional development.
  • Maintaining and improving transition from primary to secondary.
  • Having access to specialist expertise from within the cluster including the specialist cricket program, performing arts, music, languages and the capacity to create local specialist academic extension classes.
  • Greater flexibility and responsibility with the management of school finances and resources.

The three schools are currently planning for next year including advertising for new teaching staff at both Tuart Forrest PS and Dalyellup College. The college will become a Year 7 to 12 secondary facility in 2013 and at this stage will require up to 14 new teaching staff.

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