Year 7 at Dalyellup College in 2013

In 2013 Dalyellup College will separate into two primary schools and a secondary college. The Hartog Road campus will revert back to Dalyellup Primary School as a K to Yr 6 facility with Gary Quinn as the Principal and a new school East Dalyellup Primary School (transitional name) will open as a K to Yr 6 facility with Brian Johnson as the Principal. The Wake Drive campus will remain as Dalyellup College but change to a Yr 7 to 12 secondary facility with Jeff Macnish as the Principal.

In 2015 all secondary schools will become Yr 7 to 12 facilities and Dalyellup College is commencing this process two years earlier. There are many public and private schools that have already been successfully operating this structure for a number of years. With the introduction of the Australian Curriculum we have also seen significant changes to the Year 7 curriculum content that will require greater access to secondary facilities and expertise.

The following structure and procedures are to be implemented for the Year 7 classes in 2013:

  • Year 7 will become part of the secondary school and will wear the secondary uniform so as to become part of the whole school.
  • They will join the same timetable structure and break times as the secondary school. They will have early access to the canteen and have a dedicated Year 7 only area in play ground during break times. Students will be able to play in other areas as they require.
  • They will have a Year 7 teacher and classroom in the same location as they do now. That teacher will teach the main subject areas such as mathematics, science, English and history.
  • They will have access to some of the secondary specialist areas and teachers such as science, wood work, visual arts, physical education, music and home economics depending on the timetabling structures being created for each year and semester. This will be further enhanced with the completion of the Stage 2 Building Program during next year.
  • This group of students will be the last and final group to have a Year 7 camp. This process is likely to be picked up by the primary schools as a Year 6 camp instead. Secondary students have access to a variety of other camps throughout their time in school.
  • The Year 6 students have this year been part of the student council allowing for the fact that they won’t have a student council in Year 7. In 2013 two Year 7 students will be elected to be representatives on the secondary school student executive.
  • Primary students do not actually graduate but have a final primary awards ceremony. This year there will be Year 6 Awards Ceremony and a separate Year 7 Awards Ceremony.
  • It is intended that where possible Year 7 students will still compete in interschool carnivals against other Year 7 students representing the Dalyellup Primary Schools. This would include athletics carnivals, cross country events and winter sports carnivals.
  • We will also continue to participate in swimming classes while we are still able to do this as Year 7 students. This arrangement may change in 2015.
  • We are currently investigating what computing platform we will use across the school given the introduction of the MacBook computers for Years 9 to 11. This will depend on any future Commonwealth Government funding for this program and the capacity for school funds to expand this program to Year 7 and 8.

The college will continue to develop and evolve the structure and programs for the Year 7 program based on our own experiences, advice from other schools that operate a Yr 7 to 12 structure and Department’s advice and direction for the 2015 implementation of Year 7s into secondary.

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