Stage 2 Building Program

Parry & Rosenthal Architects have been awarded the contract to design the Stage 2 building program at the Wake Drive campus. This is a $30 million dollar building project to complete the construction of the secondary complex at the college and will include the following additions.

There will be two new 2 storey buildings on the eastern side of the campus. These will have a general learning community consisting of eight classrooms and associated activity spaces, staff areas and an education support classroom. There will be seven science laboratories with associated preparation areas, staff areas and storerooms. There will be an IT laboratory and computing resource areas. There will be a student services building incorporating interview rooms, offices and uniform store. There will be a fitness centre and health education room and another general learning area comprising six classrooms for senior school students.

The senior school learning area will also have an auditorium to seat up to 75 people. There will also be a staff common room and staff study areas. This area will also have information technology and business studies laboratories. There will also be an extension to the D&T area to include additional wood and metal workshops, planning room, mechatronics lab and store rooms. Food and technology will also move to this area and include textiles, café/restaurant area and store rooms.

There will also be an outdoor education store area. The current food and textile rooms will be refurbished into an art room and the science room will be refurbished into a media studio.

The planning process has been completed and building should commence at the end of 2012 and be completed in stages so that the school can start using some of the facilities during 2013.

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