Physical Education (Sports Science) Extension Program (PEX)

In 2017 Dalyellup College implemented an extension program in Physical Education for high achieving students in Health and Physical Education but who have also performed well in other learning areas across the school.  this is an aspirational program designed to further the knowledge, skills and understanding of students who demonstrate the potential to become leaders in the school and advance through to senior school Physical Education courses.

The aim of this program is to improved students’ learning capacity and overall performance and success with their academic achievements.  At this stage the course will run twice a week and take the place of general PE class on the timetable.

The PEX program (Physical Education Extension – Sports Science) is designed to enhance and extend students in all aspects of Physical Education.  Students will be introduced to:

  • traditional sports (e.g. Basketball, volleyball, soccer, athletics)
  • fitness based (mountain biking, strength and conditioning)
  • applying sports science concepts in a practical format (biomechanics, nutrition, exercise physiology, sports psychology)
  • linking with outside agencies to develop coaching and umpiring qualifications

The program has been established as a pathway for students who may wish to study ATAR PE Studies or General PE Studies in Senior School.  Pre-requisites will include a B grade or better in Physical Education, along with a minimum C grade in English.

If you have any questions regarding the course please do not hesitate to contact Blake Kampen on 9795 2000.